At ECI, we realize the importance of environmental stewardship and plan our activities in a manner to protect the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations.

ECI proudly supports a green community through:

  • Recycling receptacles in all locations
  • Separate recycling dumpsters for paper and cardboard products
  • Use of CFL or LED lighting wherever possible
  • Lighting Upgrade:

ECI recently completed a lighting upgrade in our Monessen warehouse facility. The project encompassed replacing 150 old metal halide light fixtures with hi-efficiency T5 fluorescent fixtures in our IVS-Valve Shop, SkidTech Assembly Area, SkidTech Warehouse, and MTS-CED-PIC Area, which totals approximately 71,000 square feet. There will be another phase to this rollout when we upgrade the lighting in the Warehouse, RAS and Shipping/Receiving areas. This will add another 40,000 square feet to the overall scope.

The results of this project have been dramatic and include the following benefits:

  • Overall average increase in visible light (measure here in foot candles): 18.8 FC or 35% brighter
  • Overall daily decrease in energy consumption for lighting: 24 kW (24,000 watts) or 40% decrease. This equates to 6,240 kW decrease in demand per year
  • Life Cycle of Metal Halide Bulbs 18 months average vs. T5 bulbs 60 month average
  • Power up time of Metal Halide Fixture: 10 minutes       
  • Power up time of T5 Fixture: Immediate

There are many other environmental benefits of changing to the hi-efficiency lamps such as a dramatic decrease in heat output from the metal halide fixtures, as well as disposing of the used metal halide bulbs and ballasts. Additionally, there is a risk of exposure to the metal halide light if the shielding fails versus florescent which has no associated risks.