Food & Beverage


In an environment of increased pressures to be first to market with new products and produce a consistent quality product with low operating costs, food and beverage companies are finding it difficult to stay competitive. There are also increased regulations governing production, processing, distribution, retail, packaging and labeling in the food and beverage industry. At the same time, engineering and maintenance staffs are getting smaller and smaller.

You need solutions that can help your staff make better decisions and better use of their time. With PlantWeb® architecture, that's what you get. PlantWeb's® predictive intelligence enables you to see what's happening not only in your process but also in the equipment running it – and use that insight to identify and correct potential problems before they affect your operation.

The benefits are substantial – and proven. PlantWeb® has not only helped users realize up to 30% savings in installed costs, but has also helped them operate more efficiently. Our customers are seeing up to 66% improvement in productivity of their maintenance staffs. Customers have also realized at least 2% improvement in overall plant efficiency. That means better output – and lower costs to operate your plant.