The best actuation technology is available to you through ICE. We supply a range of leading actuator brands to ensure that you can select the specific product you need for your application. Whether you need electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators for basic or severe conditions, ICE can meet those needs with high quality products and assembly services.


From bare actuators to sophisticated Valve Operating Systems, Emerson's Bettis brand is well known for cutting-edge engineering, reliability, safety and innovation satisfying the harshest and demanding automation requirements in the market.

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Gears and Manual Overrides
  • Valve Operating System
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Emerson's El-O-Matic brand delivers high quality and performing rack and pinion actuators for process industries and highly corrosive industrial applications.

  • P-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuator
  • EL-Series Valve Actuator
  • F-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuator
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An Emerson brand, EIM offers leading electric valve actuation technologies and solutions for power generating stations, marine, HVAC, water and waste treatments plants, and other general industrial application.

  • 2000HP Electric Valve Actuator
  • 2000LP Pneumatic Multi-turn Valve Actuator
  • HQ-Series Quarter-turn electric valve Actuator
  • M2CP Electric valve Actuator
  • RTS CM Compact Multi-turn Electric Valve Actuator
  • RTS FL Fail-Safe Liner Electric valve Actuator
  • RTS FQ Fail-Safe Quarter-turn Electric Valve Actuator
  • TEC2 Electric valve Actuator
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Keystone pneumatic actuators feature a compact rack and pinion design, helping to deliver maximum output torques in a small compact package. They also offer full bearing support on every moving part for long life. An Emerson brand, Keystone's spring return actuators incorporate man-safe designs that do not require special tools to dissemble and a hard, anodized epoxy-coated body offers higher levels of corrosion resistance. Keystone pneumatic actuators also be direct-mounted to Keystone butterfly valves.

The Keystone EPI-2 series of electric actuators offers the most innovative all-in-one actuator solution for the automation of quarter-turn valves and dampers. With a large number of standard features included in a small, compact design, the EPI-2 series simplifies valve, actuator and control system integration. These actuators can also be direct-mounted to most Emerson-manufactured valves, eliminating the need for expensive mounting brackets. The EPI-2 can be tailored to fit customer requirements with the addition of options such as servo controls, feedback modules, network cards and local pushbutton station. This flexibility gives customers the ability to meet many of their quarter-turn electric actuator needs with a single actuator line.

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 High quality Automax actuators available through ICE include:

  • On Off Control –The RS/RM features On / Off control and monitoring of valves and is suitable for corrosive environments due to its housing of engineered resin.
  • Pneumatic Actuators – Rack & Pinion – The SXL Series utilizes a 316 Series stainless steel body, is ideal for use in corrosive environments, and is available in both Double Acting and Spring Return versions and with optional polished finishes for sanitary applications.
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ICE represents high qualtiy actuators from Worcester

  • Intrusive Multi-Turn Actuators – The 75 Series electric actuator is specifically designed for rotary valve applications, on/off and modulating
  • Pnuematic Actuators – Rack & Pinion – Worcester 39 Series  is designed for high performance and reliability using the unique guide rod design, and can be used on a variety of quarter-turn valves in a wide range of applications
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