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Accuracy and reliability are critical to instrumentation. Whether you need to manage position, pressure, temperature, flow or flame and gas detection, ICE will meet your needs with top quality products manufactured by brands you can trust including Emerson Automation Solutions, Brooks Instrument and United Electric. The latest technology and best practices in instrumentation will help you optimize your operations.

Solenoid Valves

ASCO solenoid valves control critical flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam in applications spanning numerous industries. This portfolio ranges from two-position on/off valves to flow control systems. ASCO's RedHat power management technology sets a new industry standard for reliability and power consumption, accepting both AC and DC voltages while improving performance. ICE is proud to represent this Emerson brand.

General Service Solenoid Valves - ASCO general service valves control the flow of neutral gases. They are known for their long life and fast response time available in multiple mounting configurations. The ASCO RedHat brand offers the world’s largest selection of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.

Process Valve Automation - ASCO valves for process valve automation include a complete line of solenoid valves, pneumatic valves and complete solutions for the control of your actuator and process valve. ASCO process valve automation valves are used for the reliable control and automation of actuators and process valves in the oil & gas and chemical industries.

Electronically Enhanced - This new line of solenoid valves accepts both AC and DC voltages while improving performance. These 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves are designed to handle most fluid control applications. These are now available with Class I, Division 2 approvals.


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TopWorx™ D-Series and T-Series products ensure safety, reliability, performance, and service life objectives are met. The modular design and worldwide certifications allow for easy model and option selection, to reduce complexity and drive standardization. It all starts with product design, which targets modular design, seamless integration, performance reliability, and ease of configuration/maintenance. 

The GO™ Switch is the all in one proximity sensor and limit switch. GO Switches are rated for use in Nuclear Power Plants, Explosion Proof, High Temperature, Submersible, High Pressure and General Purpose locations. GO™ Switch product solutions enable process management and control more intelligently and efficiently under the most demanding conditions while providing higher reliability, cost savings and less down time.

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Pressure and Temperature

ICE represents United Electric Controls because this industry leader can meet all of your needs. United Electric Controls provides pressure, differential pressure, and temperature transmitters, switches, temperature sensors, and controls for critical safety, alarm and shutdown functions demanded by the heavy process industries. UE's extensive product offering includes:

Temperature & Pressure Switches

  • Hazardous Location
  • General Purpose
  • Skeleton or Compact
  • Differential Pressure
  • Vibration-Resistant 
  • Hermetically Sealed  
  • Dual Seal Certified 

Safety & Hart Smart Transmitters

  • One Series Safety Transmitter
  • One Series Transmitter-Switch
  • HART Smart Pressure Transmitter

Temperature Sensors

  • Therocouples
  • RTD
  • ​Thermowells
  • Transmitters
  • Accessories
  • Sensor Box
  • Stainless Steel Junction Box



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As the global leader for precision fluid measurement and control, Brooks Instrument brings together an unmatched combination of technology and expertise to routinely deliver extraordinary process results.

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers - As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, Brooks Instrument has been innovating thermal mass flow technology for decades, continually launching new products and enhancing existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow precision, responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability.

Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters) - As one of the pioneers in variable area (VA) flow meter (rotameter) technology, Brooks Instrument has created a diverse and proven portfolio of flow meters, installed and in use across virtually every industry and application. This broad portfolio includes armored metal, glass tube and plastic VA flow meters, each engineered to provide years of repeatable, reliable measurement of gas and liquid flow rates.

Pressure & Vacuum Products - Our pressure and vacuum technology is used by semiconductor OEMs, gas cabinet suppliers and vacuum system manufacturers including thin-film deposition systems and high-tech specialty furnaces. Our portfolio includes regulators and sensors that precisely measure and control pressures ranging from vacuum to 3000 psi.
Vaporization Products - Brooks Instrument also offers vaporization products to help convert liquids including both water and other liquid precursors into highly controlled and pure vapors. 
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Flame & Gas Detection

No matter how extreme or demanding the conditions, your people and facilities come first. That’s why Emerson is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive and advanced detection technologies available. Emerson’s Rosemount flame and gas detection products are designed to excel under the toughest conditions to help you streamline day-to-day operations and more importantly, keep your people safe. As an Emerson Impact Partner, ECI is proud to represent Rosemount flame and gas detection products, including:

Gas Detectors - A complete line of transmitters and sensors for continuous combustible and toxic gas detection.

  • Rosemount 935 Open Path Combustible Gas Detector
  • Net Safety Millennium II ST3 XChem Oxygen O2 Gas Sensor [Electrochemical]
  • Net Safety Millennium II ST3 XChem Toxic Gas Sensor [Electrochemical]
  • Net Safety Millennium ST Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector
  • Net Safety Millennium SC1100 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Detector
  • Net Safety Millennium II SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor
  • Net Safety Millennium II SC311 Infrared Combustible Gas Sensors
  • Net Safety Millennium II Single Channel Transmitter
  • Net Safety Millennium II Dual Channel Transmitter
  • Net Safety Millennium II BASIC Single Channel Transmitter

Ultrasonic Gas leak Detectors - Detect gas leaks at the speed of sound across a wide area without disruption by weather, wind, leak direction, gas dilution or stratification.

  • Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Wide Area Coverage for Pressurized Gas Leaks

Flame Detectors - Designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and connects directly to an alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems.

  • Rosemount 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector
  • Rosemount 975UF Ultra Fast Ultraviolet Infrared Flame Detector
  • Rosemount 975HR Multi-Spectrum Infrared Hydrogen Flame Detector
  • Rosemount 975UR Ultraviolet Infrared Flame Detector
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