ECI offers pressure-reducing regulators, relief valves, vapor control equipment, slam-shut valves, remote operation controls and integrated regulating and metering systems solutions. These products can handle high-pressure gas flow at the wellhead to low-pressure house service applications at pilot light. From made-to-order skid systems, to industry-standard regulators, you can depend on Fisher’s ISO9001 standards for quality and reliability.

Fisher® brand regulators offer pressure and flow control solutions in Process, Natural Gas and LP Gas Industries, delivering more pressure regulator and relief valve solutions than any other manufacturer in the world.

The Emerson regulator toolkit is also available to guide you to the literature and resources that can help you solve your control challenges. 

Natural Gas

Total Support - No other regulator manufacturer offers more products and services tailored to the natural gas industry than ECI.

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Oil & Gas Production

We deliver a complete line of pressure and level control equipment from the wellhead to the end user for the oil and gas industry.

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Applicable Industries

Vapor Control

Enardo, a division of Emerson Automation Solutions Regulator Technologies, is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vacuum relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors and detonation flame arrestors.

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