Reliability Solutions

World-class production facilities understand that asset reliability, as part of a sustainable and optimized asset management program, is key to delivering value to their stockholders. ECI Reliability Solutions experts design and implement best-in-class technologies integrated with asset management strategies to improve the reliability of production assets.

We consider the stage of your plant’s lifecycle and the range of your existing asset management strategies to deliver a sustainable, cost-effective program. With ECI’s Reliability Solutions you gain increased asset reliability, reduction in unscheduled downtime, extended production intervals between maintenance outages and maximized efficiency and performance of plant assets.

CTC Products

ECI offers a range of CTC products such as accelerometers, displacement probes and sensors. ECI has what you need for your application and at your budget. 

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DES-CASE Products

DES-CASE specializes in contamination control products for industrial lubricants. These products are innovatively designed for resilience and performance improvement.

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Emerson Asset Management Software

Many plants that have Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and asset management systems can use them for ultimately improving plant results.

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Emerson Online Products

In an environment that relies on critical mechanical equipment, any failure can have a dramatic effect. A prolonged process interruption can be the difference between profit and loss.

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Spectro Products

ECI partners with Spectro Inc. to offer the Spectro 5200 for onsite oil analysis.

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