Emerson’s Smart Wireless extend PlantWeb® predicts intelligence into areas that were previously out of physical or economic reach, opening the door for new possibilities in process improvement. Remote locations, physical obstructions, and the high cost of engineering and integrating new technologies are no longer the barriers they were.

Our wireless technology expertise and application experience enable us to offer wireless products that deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect.

While our wireless architecture and applications are designed for ease of engineering, installation and use, we also offer a broad range of services to help you quickly get the most of wireless technology.


The Smart Wireless Gateway provides industry leading security, scalability, and data reliability. Layered security ensures that the network stays protected.

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Position Feedback

ECI's Smart Wireless solutions help you touch more of your plant with predictive intelligence than ever before, enabling you to eliminate “blind spots” in your plant where it was previously too difficult or expensive to install wired instruments.

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