Chemicals Industry - Drum Level Control Valve

Business Objective

Improved Drum Level Control


Install a Fisher HPS with 2-Stage CAV III Trim


A chemical company in Ohio had a control valve installed without anti-cavitation trim in a drum level control application on one of their 75kpph boilers. This single valve is used for startup through full load.

During a cold start up, the valve sees full pressure drop for about 3 hours until the boiler reaches 20% load. This company has 3-4 cold starts per year on this boiler and the damage resulting from cavitation requires the valve to be rebuilt once a year. Before replacing it with a valve containing 2-Stage CAV III trim, the valve was leaking 43kpph in the closed position.          


The solution required a 1” HPS with 2-Stage CAV III trim with Class V shutoff. The valve has been installed for 2 months now and is working well. The estimated savings from yearly maintenance is around $6,000.

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