Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer - WHRI Pump Recycle

Business Objective

Increased Availability, Prevent EPA Violations


Install recycle valves to maintain pump discharge pressure within operational limits


In the past year the WHRI (waste heat recovery incinerator) has experienced four unplanned shutdowns due to high discharge pressure. Specialty Chemical Manufacturers are only allowed so many unplanned shutdowns of the WHRI unit before it faces stiff fines from the EPA.


This specialty chemicals manufacturer purchased two ½” SST GX valves with DVC6200F – PD tier positioners to maintain discharge pressure on two process pumps in the WHRI. These valves will maintain the downstream pressure after the pumps to ensure the system does not trip on high pressure due to the pumps dead heading. 

ECI assisted in sizing and selecting these valves, as initial sizing data on this application was not available due to limited downstream data. This will help avoid unplanned shutdowns, much like they have experienced in the last year. The Performance Diagnostics of the DVC6200F will also allow this specialty chemicals manufacturer to monitor the health of the backpressure control valves.

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