Waste Management Company – Compressor Recycle

Business Objective

Increased Availability


Repair compressor recycle valve to allow for compressor start-up


ECI received a call from a Waste Management Company who was having troubles with their compressor recycle valve, which was delaying start-up of their natural gas compressor. ECI went to the customer site and retrieved the valve on Saturday, and brought it back to IVS Solon for tear down and repair.

Quantified Results

By being able to provide 24/7 valve repair service, ECI was able to have the Fisher 6x4 EWT valve repaired and back to the customer by Monday afternoon. This saved the customer from delaying start-up an additional two days.

The customers’ compressor outlet pressure is 200 psig, so this valve has the capacity of approx. 2,400,000 scfh. By saving the customer 2 days of delay, assuming this compressor is continually run, we saved the customer approximately $115,000.