Fisher Lifecycle Services

For over 40 years, Emerson’s Fisher Lifecycle Services has been a provider of trusted expertise for reliability-centered control valve maintenance. A network of Emerson Impact Partners, service centers, manufacturing sites, and sales representatives put experienced professionals when and where you need it. Highly skilled Fisher Certified Technicians provide effective maintenance, helping increase valve reliability, efficiency, and process availability through flexible, local service.

Startup and Commissioning

When you are faced with startup and commissioning, there is a lot riding on your ability to get the plant or process up and running on time and within budget. ECI has the backing of Fisher Lifecycle Services resources, technical expertise, and experience to facilitate vital startup services and meet requirements for quality control in the commissioning process. Provision of appropriate documentation, including real-time status reports, allows your in-house staff to focus efforts on other responsibilities. Our services are tailored to meet plant or process needs as well as designed to control costs and stay on schedule. We provide specialized expertise to perform startup and commissioning activities using industry leading quality management safety processes to ensure that both assets and personnel are protected.

FASP Center

ECI is a Fisher Approved Service Provider, or "FASP".